About Us

Kitchen Fusions is a foodie’s paradise for those who love great food and like to share those great tastes with friends and family. Is there anything better to share with those you care about than a seat at your table? We are a small American manufacturer with a diverse offering of unique products to tantalize your taste buds. We produce all of our products in our facility that is regularly inspected by the Department of Agriculture. We pride ourselves on using all natural ingredients purchased from companies here in the US.

Our company’s roots go back to 1974 as Jodie’s Kitchen. Jodie’s was founded by Jodie Chapin, a trail blazer in both the area of creation of spice, herbal and dessert mix blends and in being a woman business owner. Her original Dip-Idy Dill has become a mainstay in many people’s homes. As well as creating her own blends she also generated revenue for her business by taking on co-packing work to increase utilization of her equipment. To Jodie’s we added Fusion Flavors, an exotic / edgy seasonings line, including specialty olive oil dips. This product line has made it one which has been welcomed by fine gourmet and wine stores. These products are created with similar equipment and contain many similar ingredients including our existing co-pack customers who benefit from shared volume pricing for the ingredients making us very competitive. In order to expand our capabilities and equipment portfolio we added Autumn Harvest product line including specialty bread and batter mixes. We also then added a spice blend / rub products that helped us expand our knowledge of dry bottling products with the Instant Gourmet product line. These products also run at higher volumes and have similar production volumes to our co-pack work.

We are a small co-pack company that has worked with many individuals that are preparing to do their first production runs. We are not large enough for large (thousands of pounds) but have referred people to another local company when our clients reach that size. We also are strictly dry blending but work with many clients that have both dry and wet recipes and can refer you to a wet co-pack production house for those needs. Our ideal blend size is 200 lbs and customer orders typically range from 100-1000lbs every few months.
We love the opportunity we have to share our kitchen with yours and promise that we will always provide the highest quality products as well as support the other small businesses of our country. As we continue to grow, you can count on us not to forget our roots and the love that has gone into the development of each of our product lines!

We are proud to be a Florida-based, woman owned, family operated company, manufacturing in the USA that recycles most of our waste.